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Many newbies who are ready to buy a realistic TPE sex doll are definitely very concerned about which brand of sex doll is the best. However, this is a very broad question, a sex doll brand is good or bad. It can be judged from two perspectives.

A good sex doll brand will not always emphasize very other brands in contrast. For example, uxdoll, which has launched a premium TPE sex doll, they will only emphasize their quality, user guarantee, etc.

In addition, different businesses have different price range positioning. For example, if your budget is 10K USD, you can browse full silicone dolls, if your budget is 2K USD, you can browse A cup small boobs sex doll made of TPE, or mature tpe sex doll made of premium TPE. If your budget is 1K USD, you can browse under 1000usd sex doll.

These dolls all have their own merits, just different positioning for different needs of the buyer, some people need super high simulation doll because of the photo, and some people just want to experience the feeling of the doll.

The key to judging a doll brand is, first, your budget. Second, is the specific purpose you buy this sex doll.

In fact, for us ordinary buyers, the brand is not the most important, safe materials, reassuring after-sales service is the most important, uxdoll is one of the best, they have a doll material safety certificate, anti-counterfeiting verification, breakage protection, etc. Only when we understand these, the next step is to choose a different style of doll, Elf sex doll, Anime sex doll and Latina sex doll.

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