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In the sex dolls market, large and small brands, a wide range, how should buyers go about choosing good quality sex dolls products? How to choose a sex doll with a perfect after-sales guarantee? Today, we start with the raw materials and prices of sex dolls, to give you a detailed analysis and guide the way for buying quality sex dolls online.

Generally speaking, the main material of adult sex dolls is silicone or TPE.

TPE material sex dolls: TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to color, touch smooth and soft. Because of its soft nature, particularly fine engraving is very difficult, so full body size of TPE adult sex dolls are not as fine as silicone love dolls. The most important thing to buy TPE sex dolls is the quality of TPE raw materials, high-quality of TPE raw materials are 2-3 times the price of poor quality TPE materials. the normal selling price of TPE dolls should be more than 700USD. Too low price is likely to be a scam, but of course it may also be a manufacturer’s special clearance sale. In short, buy TPE material love dolls do not just want to be cheap. Currently in the sex doll market, TPE dolls have the largest market share.

Silicone sex dolls: Silicone is a thermosetting elastomer, safe, non-toxic, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, etc.. Can be finely painted, some silicone dolls have a sponge filled inside and the outer layer covered with silicone, this is in order to enhance the feel and make the doll softer to touch. No matter how soft the silicone is, as long as the thickness increases, the hardness will increase proportionally with the thickness. The sponge layer can increase the tensile force of the silicone layer, so that the silicone layer is not easy to damage. The odor and the amount of oil is better than the TPE material doll, but in terms of touch and softness can not be comparable to TPE sex doll. The cost of silicone material is very high, 3-4 times more than TPE material, silicone dolls have very high requirements for production process, the rate of defective products is very high. So silicone is also sold at 3-4 times the price of TPE dolls.

Sex dolls are products that come into close contact with you every day, the safety of the doll material is especially important, definitely not to be cheap. Through our investigation found that among the many brands, TPE sex doll store used TPE raw materials are high quality of medical TPE, its TPE series dolls low oil rate, no unpleasant smell, long service life, the launch of the Premium TPE series even don’t produce oil, so you can reduce the use of baby powder.

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Marriage and sexuality, how do they relate? It is one of the most grappling questions many of us have to deal with in their lifetime. We always want to fall in that ‘normal’ bracket – a man marrying a lady of a younger age than him. However, not every one of us finds true or satisfying love in such unions.

Some of us, it is elderly, if not for other conditions, who are always the sweetest to spend life and time with. You’ve heard of sugar mammies. Yes, those. Maybe that term gives them a more negative inclination. Let’s put is as women older than men. These are women who, for genuine reasons such as studies, never had time for relationships before but are now ready for marriage.

So should you or not marry a woman older than you, let’s look at the pros and cons involved if you do.

Advantages of marrying an older woman

1. Life Maturity

A woman older than you will be more mature because she is of sound mind. It means, therefore, that out of her exceptional life experiences, she will have a better understanding of life and its dynamics. Unlike younger women, she will have no time still imprudent engagements but instead will be focusing on building your relationship with her.

2. Quality Understanding

An elite older woman will have a more comprehended perception of ideas and ideologies. She will be intensely ripe in making the best decisions involving your relationship. They always know better how to handle situations, managing finances, and much more that will necessitate your relationship.

3. Financially stable

Among the reasons as to why some people buy sex dolls is lack of financial strength to upkeeping a relationship partner.

Siobhina, young silicone sex doll

In most cases, older women are stable financially, and therefore, you do not have to worry about finances. In most cases, all they need is your love. A lady younger than your age may not have stable work or made enough yet to sustain her, and so you will always have to chip in.

4. They so much mind of their man

Older women often show real emotional feelings towards their men. With their advanced wit, they can fix issues of concern bothering their men. In otherwise situations, it is always the man who makes sure the safety and ultimate care of their women, but this is different.

5. They have grown in making love

Sometimes the young ladies you want to marry may not be well experienced in lovemaking. However, in this case, you do not need a BBW love doll to teach you to lovemaking tactics. Most likely, your older woman will know it all and will appreciate inducing it to you.

Disadvantages of marrying a woman older than you

1. Societal mockery

In most societies, marriage implication exists between a man and woman where the man is the eldest in age terms. Hence, it is a little awkward to witness the opposite. If you are going for this union, therefore you must prepare for some mockery.

2. They will grow the elderly faster before you do

Sarah Knapton, a Science Correspondent, confirms that girls do mature and so grow more quickly than boys. It implies, therefore, that if you marry an older woman, she will become old sooner while you remain young and vibrant. Many men most undoubtedly tend to ignore this bit, but it is essential. It may appear soon as though she is your mother or even grandparent to make it more hilarious owing to her aged appearance. Would you like that?

3. No time to explore life

Everyone at their young age wants to explore life. Partners that are both young, always grow together while experiencing fun in their union. An old partner will have already experienced the fun and will be wanting to settle, not anything else.


So which side are you, old or younger? The choice is always yours. What you decide, however, must relate to what you need or looking for in life. Otherwise to learn more of sex dolls, the different categories of mode that exist, you can follow this link,

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