Cougar Woman

A Cougar Woman is confident, self assured, powerful, radiant, and independent, smart, and completely in touch with her feminine side while navigating in a world that still believes itself to be “a man’s world”.

While critics say that these sexy older women are some “freak accident” of the 21st century, I beg to differ. Younger men have been attracted to older women since time began.

Cougar Women exhibit the passion, dedication and willingness to embrace their power as women.

Being a cougar woman then, is more of a return to the full acknowledgment of femininity and true inner beauty which comes when living a life fully and passionately is placed above staying within the small and confined boxes society has tried to place women into for the last 2,000 years.

A cougar is a Goddess, an Amazon, a Woman of power who remains true to her feminine impulse, despite society’s backlash and/or insult. She refuses to play by others’ rules.

A true Cougar Woman lives for herself – and she is proud to show it!